Benefits of Naturopathic Medicine:

What is Naturopathic Medicine?   It is the art and science of healing that incorporates natural lifestyle changes and substances to support the body, mind, and spirit to achieve their full potential. Other related forms of medicine include: Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, and Bioregulatory Medicine. 

These forms of medicine all share common threads of philosophy in their treatment of the human system; The idea is to find what the body is missing that it needs and add more of that, and to find the harmful things that are blocking proper function, and help eliminate those. When you add in the good, and remove the bad, then your body-mind-spirit system can then step in and do the real healing. 

This is where so-called miracles can happen; Pain, disease, and dysfunction are transformed into balance, joy, and vitality.  

Benefits of Telemedicine:

Dr David Lemmon- Naturopathic Telmedicine

Dr David Lemmon is a Naturopathic Doctor and an alumnus of National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has a deep and abiding faith in the human body and its abilities to heal. His practice emphasis is in supporting his patients through safe and natural treatments for chronic pain, mental health, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and more. He has advanced training in nutrition, herbal medicine, frequency medicine, and homeopathy. He has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the country.

He is the author of Natural Home & Herbal Healing, a guided tour through the healing remedies in your home. He invites all to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities of health, balance, and healing that nature has in store. Dr Lemmon approaches health with the basic premise that every human body has unique needs and challenges. By addressing the entire body-mind system, the patient is able to overcome many challenges that were previously thought incurable.

Dr David and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children. He has a passion for teaching the principles of health, nature, and empowered living. When not working with patients, he enjoys painting, reading, movies, cooking, martial arts, weight training, hiking, and camping.


What Clients and Readers Are Saying



Dr David Lemmon is the author of Natural Home & Herbal Healing, a powerful tour through all the natural remedies you can find and stock in every part of your home and yard. Avoid side effects and transform your family’s health.

5 Stars

“I was lucky enough to be able to read this book before it was available as a physical hard copy and enjoyed it from beginning to end. Now that I have the hard copy, i’m finding it even more interesting and easier to read (for me) than on a screen. You can pick it up and flip to any page and find very interesting and complete information about the various (and very numerous) subjects covered in “natural home & herbal healing”. thank you Dr. Lemmon for writing this book, it will help many many people. Will be sending copies to lots of friends and family for the upcoming holidays.”       – A.G.

“What a great read and an excellent Book to have In times like now, where having that resource on the shelf give you a bit more confidence when something could arise like another pandemic. From descriptive pictures to detailed instructions, growing food and home remedies, and just about everything you’ll need to know to improve your life and your household, especially in times of need, and yet an easy read to improve your life today.                                                                           10/10 Great Price, Best money spent all year!”     – V.D.

“I enjoyed reading this book because it was informative concerning healthy living suggestions. Dr. Lemmon presented different ways to feed your body, take care of ailments, use herbs, use essential oils, exercise and much more . It was written well and easy reading. I felt like I learned a lot from reading and would recommend this book to anyone that wants to improve their health.”       – A.C.

“Through very approachable, down-to-earth writing, Dr Lemmon has provided me with a better understanding of many simple things that I can do to boost my health and live a more abundant life – things that I have overlooked or simply didn’t know about, using readily-available things in my home environment. After each chapter, the reader is invited to stop and make a plan to try out what was just learned. I love it!!!”       – B.J.

“This first edition is a very complete compilation of Naturopathic foods, herbs, oils and personal living habits that will change your life for the better. Start slow and find which foods, oils and herbs fit best for your own dietary and medical needs. Most people have problems setting up an exercise routine. Dr. Lemmon’s book illustrates how it can be as easy as using your filled up grocery bags to get much need strength exercises. Just making me aware of some of the things that can vastly improve my health and well being was worth it. My wife and I both have severe side effects to most all pharmacological medications. We will benefit greatly from this book as I am sure many others will as well. Thank you Dr. Lemmon, we can’t wait for part #2. We would like to see more actual recipes in the next one. With 6 children I am sure you have many!!”    – J.B.

“This book has a wealth of practical healthful living information that immediately inspired me to make some health changes. Concise and easy to read, it is the kind of resourceful book that you will read and refer to all of the time. I highly recommend it and plan to buy copies to give to the people I love. I found it very inspirational…and to make healthy life changes, I have to be motivated. This book definitely motivated me, without feeling like the author was shoving yet another diet down my throat. Instead his suggestions just make perfect sense.”   – M.M.

“The best natural healing book I have ever read, a page-turner from start to finish. “Natural Home & Herbal Healing” is captivating, inspiring, and informative. I love a book where the writer speaks to the reader. I learned more about how my home, exercise, food, herbs, entertainment choices, and more, can help me achieve good physical and mental health.”      – K.J.

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