Discover Your Own Healing Magic- Dr David Lemmon Interviews Dr Emma Wagner.

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Dr David Lemmon- Welcome to the Natural Cancer Support Channel. I’m Dr. David Lemmon, naturopathic cancer expert, and I’m here today with Dr. Emma Wagner. She’s a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor, energy worker, and the body whisperer. And so I’m excited to be here with Dr. Emma. Welcome to the show. 


Dr Emma Wagner- Thank you, David. I’m really excited to be here with you. It’s a pleasure.  


Dr David Lemmon- So tell us a little bit about your story and how you got into the healing arts and what you studied and how you pulled things together in such a powerful holistic practice.  


Dr Emma Wagner- So I feel like I fell into it when I was a young kid. My dad was a military doctor, a medical doctor, and all his life he told me you’re going to be a doctor too.


And all of my life, I, all my childhood I told him, no, I’m never going to be a doctor. I don’t like dead people. I don’t like cadavers. I don’t want to work on cadavers. And  he was looking at me a little bit weird and he was trying to get me into the surgery room to show me what his work was. He took me on tour and while he was touring his patients in hospitals.


So he was really intent on working with me. When I was 12, I met my guardian angel, and I think my angel Max was really intent on pushing me into helping people and being  that holistic practitioner that I am today. When I was 14, I was suffering from a lot of headaches and I went to my dad and I’m like, dad, what should I do for those headaches?


And he’s like, you should take this pill  up to six a day. And you should feel better. I did take Advil or something similar for up to six a day. And I went back to him after a few months being like that. I still have those headaches. Why do I do? And he’s like, well, you should, it’s just that you need something stronger.


So he gave me something stronger. I took it for a few months, up to six a day. And when I was getting to six a day, I went back to him and I’m like, I need something stronger.  And He gave me something with codeine and I was 16 at the time. I started drinking in France, we started drinking early and the codeine, the alcohol, the studying was really something that got very challenging really fast and I started recognizing that there was danger in medication at 16 years old.


About the same time that I recognized the danger of that medication with codeine in it. My mom took me to a Silva Mind Control seminar, which is a mind training and positive thinking meditation seminar. At the end of that seminar We stayed the night in a hotel in Paris. I had a dream in that hotel room where Max came to me and told me, you don’t need a headache anymore. 


You’re not going to have any headaches anymore. And we celebrated, we had a big celebration, like a wedding in my dreams.  And I woke up and I don’t think ever again, I . Ever had a headache the same way. I have headaches on occasion when I’m dehydrated or when I’m hungover, but not those debilitating headaches that I had from 14 years old to 16 years old.


So when this happened, I looked at my mom and I’m like, my mom knows something that my dad, the medical doctor, doesn’t know.  And I was really interested in learning more about those holistic practices that my mom had discovered after her divorce. So she got into homeopathy, so I studied some homeopathy.


She started looking into energy healing, so I started studying energy healing. She started looking into astral traveling, so I looked into astral traveling. And I started looking really into all those different holistic practices. without really connecting the dots without knowing how this could become a job, a making money purpose to make money in life.


When I was 21, that’s when I met a chiropractor and that chiropractor just explained to me pretty much everything. Everything I intuitively felt, everything that Max, my angel, was teaching me. During our first visit with that chiropractor, I could feel like him telling me about how the body can naturally be healthy, how medication are just covering symptoms, how if we engage and we’re Want to perform, we can get our body to perform how emotions have a very big place and how our health.


And so while it was explaining all this to me, I could feel Max putting the piece of the puzzle in the bigger image. And I’m like, this is, I could understand that this chiropractic is what I needed to do next.  In my evolution, and that’s when I started becoming a chiropractor. So I became a chiropractor in 2000.


And in 2000, I worked for a year in a chiropractic office in the States. And then I came back to France with my husband and we opened a private practice. That’s when we started having kids and we started really diving more into just practicing every day. When you start practicing, patients bring you very interesting issues. And so as my patients were bringing me issues, I would look into what was going on. And one of my patients at one point told me, honey, you have a gift. And I was like, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m educated. I just went to chiropractic school. And she’s like, no, you don’t understand, honey.


People that just go to chiropractic school, don’t do what you do. You’re something else. And after that, she started telling me this. I went back to Max and really started being more intentional and bringing that intuitive work into my practice so that I could really serve a different  perspective and have different lenses to look at how the body worked.


And that’s, I think, when the really holistic practice that I started. Few years later, we came back to the U S we closed our office in France and our office was running in a certain way. And  before opening my new practice in the U S in California, I really decided that I didn’t want to be just a chiropractor and be considered just a chiropractor.


I really wanted to reinvent myself and really present myself in a very unique way that represented, like really authentic, really represented what I was and how I felt  people deserve to be looked at. And worked to really help them in the best way I could help them. And that’s when I think I became that body whisperer and I started using a lot more muscle testing.


I incorporated a lot more emotion work in my practice. I really connected and it’s very interesting because when you’re intentional and you open the door to possibilities, the world helps you and shows you how to open them and you meet the right people at the right time to bring you that information. 


Into your reality, and then as the work evolved now, I’ve been doing this for 10 years. It’s very interesting what is possible and how I can look at people and see what’s going on and what they need.  What is the best way to help them with the different tools I have? 


Dr David Lemmon- So you mentioned before we started recording that you had kind of suspected or discovered cancer in a few of your patients.


Is that through palpation or through intuition or both? Have you kind of experienced both kinds of diagnosis? 


Dr Emma Wagner- It’s more through intuition. I don’t think I can palpate a mass. I think, very little did I palpate the mass, but I can, through muscle testing, through feeling, through the energy system, how it works I could tell that there was something off that didn’t respond the right way to my care that needed to be investigated more.


So I never tell people, you have cancer. I tell them, I feel like something is really off there. I would recommend you go do a colonoscopy. You go do some mammography to see what’s going on in that area. That could explain what I’m feeling. And if they, and they rarely come back with nothing and that’s where it’s scary.


Dr David Lemmon- And do you often keep working with those patients after they’re diagnosed with cancer and then kind of work on the emotional aspects of it and everything? 


Dr Emma Wagner- Definitely. So when, when a patient comes back and like, you were, right, there’s a diagnosis of cancer is what they’ve been saying. I’m like, I cannot work on the cancer itself.


I don’t want to be the sole provider. And, and the sole healer on that prospect, I want you to go connect with a medical doctor, an oncologist, and other practitioners that work with cancer specifically. I’m going to, I can be of support to help reduce the inflammation into your body. Look if there’s parasites or things that trigger it.


Look at the emotional aspects to help your body function better. Any of the work I do, I don’t fix the symptoms. I help the body overcome it. Because I feel like if the body works properly, there is no need for that symptom, right? 


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah, I often teach my patients that cancer cells can’t survive in a healthy body because that’s kind of the definition of health is that you don’t have cancer.


And if you have cancer, by definition, your body isn’t  acting in a healthy way. So by increasing that level of your health. You can help to reverse that cancer process over time 


Dr Emma Wagner- exactly, there are some cancers that progressed really fast that are very aggressive that are harder to catch.


And there are some cancers that are slower, that are easier to work with. So it really depends on every situation. And I don’t want to sound that this energy healing can be magical for everyone. It’s something that needs to be, you have to make peace with yourself and you have to, to connect with who you are.


And I’ve been working with a few cancer survivors that are recognizing how that journey through cancer, through facing death, was really an awakening in their own spiritual journey. And that it taught them so much that it was a gift in disguise. 


Dr David Lemmon- Exactly. Yeah, I get that so often that it’s like, you don’t wish that on anyone. You don’t really ever want to get cancer. But when it does come and you respond to it in the right way, then it can become that catalyst for having that life change and that transformation and that becoming a better and more enlightened, happier person. 


Dr Emma Wagner- Definitely. 


Dr David Lemmon- That’s exciting. So do you have any specific patients that you’ve worked with that responded well after a cancer diagnosis?


Dr Emma Wagner- Like I said, I’ve worked with people, and some people, the diagnosis was so strong and within a year or two, they passed, and there’ve been some people that I’ve worked with that went through it and that, survive, especially breast cancers are easier to survive than colon cancer, for example, in my experience. 


So I think it really depends on how the person gets involved in their own care and that you have to be involved if you have cancer. You have to get involved in your own care and recognize the different aspects of that cancer, a little bit like what you were telling me about your program, where there is a physical aspect, there is an emotional aspect.


There’s an energetic aspect. There’s a pattern there. There is a societal effect to it. And  it’s really looking at the different pieces of what makes you, you, and how can I integrate you within that?  How can I integrate myself better within myself so I can become that best version, that energy-rich state that hopefully can kick that cancer out.


Dr David Lemmon- Beautiful. So it sounds like you’ve really integrated things that you learned from your father, things that you learned from your mother, things that you learned from nature and from other doctors. It’s really amazing that you’ve been able to integrate so many different things. It really sounds like that Silva mind control training at a really early age kind of helped open the door to a whole lot of different aspects of learning and healing.

Dr Emma Wagner- I agree with that. I think the Silva Mind Control was a very strong base at such a young age. I remember when I was there, people were like, Oh, you’re so young. How old are you? It’s so good. You’re so lucky to be here. I wish my parents had brought me here at 16. And I would look at those Older folks at 16 at that seminar being like, you guys are so weird.


And that’s when I had my first experience with remote work, with feeling somebody’s energy within myself,  we were doing part of that seminar was healing people that were remote. So that was my first experience. It was a scary one. It was one that I pushed away for a long time because I didn’t want to, to tap into this because it scared  The hell out of me.


What happened was that we went into this deep meditative state and then she gave us the name of somebody, a parent of one of the members of that group that needed support. And so we were asked to just feel what was going on with that person and send them positive energy, and I found myself being all locked up, not being able to move, not being able to breathe, feeling all my inside being locked up and  when we came back out of that meditation, and she was expressing what was happening to her parent, was that Lockdown syndrome, where they could not barely breathe, they were intubated, they had a heart issue, and I felt everything in my own system, and it was scary as hell.


So, I think. I needed time to progress in my own evolution. And I think when we’re given gifts right away that are overwhelming, it’s okay, to put them on the side, and let them sit and evolve and allow herself to, but every time I would go back to that idea that there is a possibility in that remote work and energy healing from far away, I would think about that experience I had at 16.


And often at first I was like, I don’t want to experience this again, feeling so locked up in somebody else’s body. And as I progressed in my own healing skills and as I started feeling comfortable as a doctor working on patients, as I saw how people could evolve and lock and find peace and ease in their system, I started to feel more able to go inside people’s body to help them open up without as much fear to get stuck in it.


Dr David Lemmon- Hmm. So is that still a part of your practice to kind of empathize and tap into feeling what other your patients are feeling? 


Dr Emma Wagner- Yeah, I’m a strong empath. I know right now that the word empath is considered as a curse more than anything else in most of the population. I’m a strong empath, and my gift through empathy is that I can open and block other people.


So yes, I feel you, but I don’t have to feel you. I can be on my own too. And that’s a skill that I appreciate having. And that’s a skill I recommend to a lot of empaths to get is to recognize what is yours and what is not yours so that you can block what’s not yours when you need to, because it’s not pleasant to be always bombarded by somebody else, emotions and feelings.


Dr David Lemmon- Did you have to develop that skill or is that something that you naturally felt like you had the healthy barriers? 


Dr Emma Wagner- I think the natural barriers that came with my evolution, came from my childhood. We talked about it a little bit growing up in Africa coming back to France at the time. At 10 years old, feeling weird and different and having to protect myself from the judgment of others, because people would not, I would not feel like I fit in well in any situation.


So I had to, to make peace with myself, accept that I was different, that it was good to be different, that I had gifts because I was different. And that I could share my gifts with the world. If I could allow others to like or not like me and that was not my problem to manage. 


Dr David Lemmon- Nice. So when, when someone comes in and they have cancer, do you have any kind of, it sounds like it’s very customized to each patient, but do you have a thought process or an approach to help cancer patients get out of fear and into belief and their own healing, anything like that? 


Dr Emma Wagner- So for me, it’s not just about cancer. It’s about anybody that comes to my office. I’m going to treat a cancer patient the same way I’m treating somebody with anxiety. I’m going to check their system to see where their systems are at.


We’re going to look at the nervous system to see are you in danger? Are you functioning in survival mode all the time? And if you’re functioning in survival mode, what do we need to do to fix that? Because it’s not a healthy place to live from.  The nervous system, the physical system. Are you in balance or are you not in balance?


Organ system. Are you, are your organs functioning properly or they’re not functioning properly? Are there any emotional triggers that are costing you your health? And if there are, what can we do to balance those emotions? We’re going to look at inflammation. Inflammation is really key. I do a lot of detoxification.


I find that everybody is really toxic in this society because we’re surrounded by toxins. So for me, helping people detox is going to help their system function better. So my idea is not to cure cancer. It’s to empower people in their own healing and give them the tools that they need so that their body can heal and figuring out what’s the piece of that puzzle that’s missing?


And in a holistic mindset, there are many pieces in that puzzle. 


Dr David Lemmon- What have you found that helps with emotional release or emotional processing? Do you talk about it and do any kind of counseling with people, or is it more a silent invisible kind of therapy? 


Dr Emma Wagner- So I will talk about it. I practice a modality called NET or Neuro Emotional Technique that is linking the limbic system with different body organ functions, and talk is part of it. I really like essential oils too. I find that essential oils are really rich in energy that are able to trigger better energy, better emotions in people. So there are different systems that I use for emotions. 


Dr David Lemmon- Nice. And do you have a specific detoxification protocol that you use for a lot of people or is it always customized? 


Dr Emma Wagner- It’s customized. We have two ionic detox baths in the office. They are devices where you put your feet in hot water and we use ionization to help the toxins being pulled out of your body. We have a sauna in the office, which is really good for detoxification and infrared sauna, and we have a PEMF technology, Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency technology that is really good in microcirculation and helping the body flush toxins out. If there is a need we can talk about lymphatic activation. The lymphatic system is a very important system in detoxifying. Evidently, organ support in the liver, the lungs, the kidneys to help detox is very important also.


So, It’s all moving pieces and no two people with cancer have exactly the same issue, no two people with anxiety have exactly the same reason to be anxious. So for me, it’s really figuring out what is triggering you,  what’s going on? So you do that detective work to kind of find the imbalances and then work on those imbalances.


I really like that detective work, and when I find it, I’m really happy. 


Dr David Lemmon- Except when it’s cancer, it’s not fun to get that news. 


Dr Emma Wagner- It’s not, it’s not what people want to hear from you. So it’s always hard to have a hard discussion with people. 


Dr David Lemmon- It’s great that you’re able to be there and support them through that.


Do you have any specific books that you would recommend patients to read to kind of expand their minds to the possibilities of healing? 


Dr Emma Wagner- My favorite authors are Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. 


Dr David Lemmon- I grew up reading and listening to them, so those are great authors. 


Dr Emma Wagner- So I’m excited because I started reading a French book.


I have it for my vacation. I’m going on vacation next week. So in terms of a book right now, I’m really interested in writing my own. So I’ve been pushing away books and trying to really like, if you have time to read, you have time to write. So you’re writing, you’re not reading. So I’ve been more focused on that right now in terms of books.


But yeah, Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra  are often two that I’m going to recommend to people and many of them. And depending on what the person needs again. 


Dr David Lemmon- I’m not sure if it’s a book or if it’s only an audio program, but I kind of grew up on a Magical Mind, Magical Body. From Deepak Chopra, where he goes through the different senses and how to enhance your hearing and your vision and color sensation and different things like that.


So it was a really interesting holistic medicine, enhancing your senses kind of program. That was really eye opening for me in my early 20’s. 


Dr Emma Wagner- And I think it’s that magic that we all carry that I’m interested in. And how can we tap more into the magic within? And that magic is healing, that magic is power, that magic is peace, that magic is love and joy.


And so how can we tap into that magic so that we create more of it in our own life? 


Dr David Lemmon- That’s beautiful. So some people call it quantum physics, and other people call it magic, but it’s all that same healing force, that life force that we all have within us that wants to heal, to get better, to improve, and to come into balance.


So beautiful. Do you have any parting words of advice for listeners out there? 


Dr Emma Wagner- I’m guessing that people that listen to you are people that have cancer that are finding you because they’re looking for other solutions. It is worth it. It might not be magical and it might not be as efficient as you want it to be, but it’s worth looking into this holistic practice and it’s worth looking into what makes you, you. 


So I highly recommend that to any of your listeners that have cancer, to tap into that magic that they have within and find practitioners to help them. Because we live in a world where that magic kind of disappears, and kind of is not as present. And I think when you tap into it, there’s peace to be found in it.


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah, I think, I think that’s one of the biggest things that’s maybe missing from the conventional medical system is that openness and belief in that magic of life, the awe, the wonder, and the miracles of life, the double-blind placebo-controlled studies just force people into that kind of confined box, and that if, if you believe in magic, then you’re crazy.


Dr Emma Wagner- Miracles happen. 


Dr David Lemmon- But a lot of medical doctors have those near death experiences and their eyes are open to what things are really like on the other side and that kind of thing. So it’s interesting to see those stories as well. 


Dr Emma Wagner- Near death experiences are interesting because it really helps people open up to that other reality. And, and in the world we live in, I feel like we need those strong experiences that force us to look beyond that physical reality. 


Dr David Lemmon- Exactly. And even fiction like Doctor Strange, I think is a movie that really empowers people to kind of have that paradigm shift and see, oh, there’s this unseen reality of energy and magic that maybe is based on real life, even though it’s a Marvel comic book.


Dr Emma Wagner- It’s a Marvel. It’s a little weird, but I think there’s truth to it. 


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah, we can find truth from so many different sources. And it’s been beautiful to hear your story and how you have been able to pull from so many different sources and inspirations throughout your life from a young child to a teenager to your professional career and learn from your patients as you go.


Where can listeners find you online and how can they learn more about you?


Dr Emma Wagner- So I have two websites. My first website is  And that’s more my personal website where I talk more about what I do. And then there’s my wellness center website, that people can find me there too. 


Dr David Lemmon- Thank you so much, Dr. Emma. Have a beautiful day. 


Dr Emma Wagner- You too. 


Dr David Lemmon- Thank you. Bye bye.