The Introductory Cancer Detox Course:
Rediscover Vitality Using The 7 Pathways of Healing

6 Amazing Lessons Covering Everything You Need to Get Started With Your Cancer Healing Journey.

Learn the most simple & affordable secrets to reversing the cancer process in just 5-10 minutes per day for 6 days.

Lesson 1

You Will See Yourself As The Hero Of Your Own Life & Healing Journey.

Lesson 2

You Will Learn The 7 Pathways Of Healing & How They Apply To An Inspiring True Story.

Lesson 3

You Will Understand The 4 Fundamental Goals Of Natural Medcine.

Lesson 4

You Will Discover the 4 Central Causes of Cancer and the Primary Health Targets To Aim For In the Cancer-Treatment Proccess.

Lesson 5

You Will Learn The Most Basic & Affordable Treatments From Each Of The 7 Pathways of Healing.

Lesson 6

You Will Be Introduced To the Life-Changing Information Found In the Full Cancer Detox Course.

About Your Teacher

Dr David Lemmon

Dr David Lemmon is a Naturopathic Doctor and an alumnus of National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has a deep and abiding faith in the human body and its abilities to heal. His practice emphasis is in supporting his patients through safe and natural treatments for cancer, chronic pain, mental health, autoimmune conditions, and more. He has advanced training in nutrition, herbal medicine, frequency medicine, and homeopathy. He has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the country.

He is the author of Natural Home & Herbal Healing, a guided tour through the healing remedies in your home. He invites all to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities of health, balance, and healing that nature has in store. Dr Lemmon approaches health with the basic premise that every human body has unique needs and challenges. By addressing the entire body-mind system, the patient is able to overcome many challenges that were previously thought incurable.

Dr David and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children. He has a passion for teaching the principles of health, nature, and empowered living. When not working with patients, he enjoys painting, reading, movies, cooking, martial arts, weight training, hiking, and camping.

Dr David Lemmon- Naturopathic Telmedicine

Intro Cancer Detox Course

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Reduce Cancer-Treatment Side Effects
Increase Energy
Make Conventional Treatments More Effective.
Improve the Odds of A Full Remission
Boost Confidence & Knowledge of the Healing Process

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