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Just Say NO! to side effects, waiting rooms, prescription pads, and massive medical bills !

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Do you want to improve your family’s health & eliminate dangerous side-effects?

Dr Lemmon will take you on a guided tour of all the natural remedies found in each of your home's living areas, inside and out !

Natural Home & Herbal Healing:

A Doctor’s Guide To the Art & Science of Home Remedies, Nutrition, & Medicinal Plants From Every Part of Your House

It’s all too common; you sit and wait in a crowded doctor’s office full of sick and grumpy people.

Then after all the waiting, your reward is a 5-minute visit and a mindless prescription with a side effect list longer than your arm.

There is a better way; and you often don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Dr Lemmon will take you on a guided tour of all your living spaces inside and out.

Have you ever wondered what all those spices in your kitchen cabinet are good for? Have you ever wished you could be more healthy without spending a ton of extra money every month? Ever wondered how to make your own natural medicine?

In Natural Home & Herbal Healing, you will learn step-by-step how to change your life by tapping into the healing remedies that are hiding in plain sight all around your home. With just a few changes, you can have more joy, energy, strength, and peace of mind than ever before.

In this book you will discover:

  Free & life-changing natural remedies that are often overlooked
  Secrets to preparing fast, easy, healing meals in minutes
 How to detox and eliminate harmful chemicals from your system
 Ways to improve sleep, relaxation, and love relationships
 The power of healing weeds and wild foods
 Healing herbs you can grow and harvest to make your own medicines.
 The top remedies to stock for your ultimate home first aid kit.

Even if you’ve never cooked a meal before. Even if you’ve never grown a garden before. Even if you’ve never used natural medicine at all, this book will arm you with the strategies, tools, and tips you need to improve your family’s health and vitality for years to come.

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Here is a quick preview of the information-packed chapters included in the book.

Chapter 2

Movement & Laughter: The Universal Home Remedies

Uncover the secrets to incorporating movement & Laughter into your everyday life.


The Kitchen: Foods, Herbs, and Spices To Heal You and Your Family

Transform your kitchen into a healing oasis with Dr Lemmon's top tips for shopping, and prepping foods, spices, to renew your life

Bathroom Remedies


The Bathroom: Alone Time Can Be Healing Time

Learn the power of hydrotherapy, herbal baths, and elimiation habits.


The Bedroom: Your Healing Sanctuary

Most people spend more than 30% of their lives in the bedroom. Discover the healing powers of sleep, massage, meditation, and love making!


The Yard: Your Outdoor Ally

Unlock Nature's pharmacy with healing wild weeds, breathing techniques, and sunlight.

Garden Remedies


The Garden: Grow & Make Your Own Medicine

The top herbs to grow, harvest, and proccess to create your own plant- medicine cabinet.


The Health-Food Store: Your Neighborhood Resource

Discover Dr Lemmon's top natural remedies to stock from your neighborhood or online health food store to create your ultimate natural first aid kit.

Here's What Others Are Saying


"What a great read and an excellent Book to have In times like now, where having that resource on the shelf give you a bit more confidence when something could arise like another pandemic. From descriptive pictures to detailed instructions, growing food and home remedies, and just about everything you'll need to know to improve your life and your household, especially in times of need, and yet an easy read to improve your life today. 👍10/10 Great Price, Best money spent all year!"

Brent  J.

"Through very approachable, down-to-earth writing, Dr Lemmon has provided me with a better understanding of many simple things that I can do to boost my health and live a more abundant life - things that I have overlooked or simply didn’t know about, using readily-available things in my home environment. After each chapter, the reader is invited to stop and make a plan to try out what was just learned. I love it!!!"

Linda W.

"Dr Lemmon has been helping me for years.  I highly recommend his book."

Anthony G.

"It’s an amazing book on how to live your best life with nature! The best tips and remedies that works for everyone!"

Benji H.

"I recently read this book and was truly amazed at how many plants in this book are in my country yard. I now know the medicinal purpose of each and also learned the medicinal effects and purpose of the herbs in my kitchen pantry. Is a must have for any library for reference at a arms reach ."

Michele M.

"This book has a wealth of practical healthful living information that immediately inspired me to make some health changes. Concise and easy to read, it is the kind of resourceful book that you will read and refer to all of the time. I highly recommend it and plan to buy copies to give to the people I love. I found it very inspirational...and to make healthy life changes, I have to be motivated. This book definitely motivated me, without feeling like the author was shoving yet another diet down my throat. Instead his suggestions just make perfect sense."


 David Lemmon

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr Lemmon has a deep and abiding faith in the human body and its abilities to heal. His practice emphasis is in supporting his patients through safe and natural treatments for chronic pain, mental health, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and more. He has advanced training in nutrition, herbal medicine, frequency medicine, and homeopathy. He has worked with hundreds of patients throughout the country.

He is the author of Natural Home & Herbal Healing, a guided tour through the healing remedies in your home. He invites all to open their hearts and minds to the infinite possibilities of health, balance, and healing that nature has in store. Dr Lemmon approaches health with the basic premise that every human body has unique needs and challenges. By addressing the entire body-mind system, the patient is able to overcome many challenges that were previously thought incurable.

Dr David and his wife are the proud parents of 6 children. He has a passion for teaching the principles of health, nature, and empowered living. When not working with patients, he enjoys painting, reading, movies, cooking, martial arts, weight training, hiking, and camping.

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"The best natural healing book I have ever read, a page-turner from start to finish. Natural Home & Herbal Healing is captivating, inspiring, and informative. I love a book where the writer speaks to the reader. I learned more about how my home, exercise, food, herbs, entertainment choices, and more, can help me achieve good physical and mental health."

    Katherine J.