Powerful Mind-Body Treatments for Stress,Cancer,or Other Health Challenges-Interview With Bob Ross

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Dr David Lemmon- Hello, I’m Dr. David Lemmon. Welcome to the Natural Cancer Support Channel and I’m here with my friend Bob Ross, and he has a really interesting story, and really interesting life. And so we’re just going to get right into it. Bob, tell us a little bit about your multiple careers and what you’ve done, what you’ve learned over the years. 


Bob Ross- Absolutely. It’s an honor to be on your podcast. Thanks, Doc. So, first off, my name is Bob Ross. Little do my parents know they’re going to give me a famous name like the famous painter. So, I love my name.  I currently have six careers all going at the same time. I’ll just briefly mention them. So, the first is in entertainment. 


So I play trumpet and sing professionally, do stand up comedy, do some voiceover work. I’m also with the Pasadena Fire Department’s EMS Reserve.  So I’ve been volunteering my services with Pasadena Fire for 36 years now, still active.  I also work we’ll have a, have a company that does corporate CPR and first aid training.


So I combined great fire department stories with comedy, great way to learn.  I work as a motion picture set medic.  So I work on sets of movies, television shows, commercials, music videos, for instance, go wrong. Things blow up that weren’t supposed to whoops,  electrocuted fall off ladders. I’ve been on the, I worked on the amazing race, several criminal minds, CSIs, SEAL teams, SWAT, I did two of the star Wars. 


lead medic on American Ninja Warrior for four seasons.  Great experience, great stories, you know, enjoy it. And the catering is phenomenal. And then also for years, I’ve been helping people basically as like a therapist, but without formally being a therapist, if you understand what I say helping people with post traumatic stress disorder, order phobias, addictions, all sorts of things.


And then finally, I’ve started a coaching program for people with cancer, all that at the same time, although things are shifting to focus mainly on those last two nowadays. Nice.  So what’s interesting. I’ve had a passion to help people since I was six years old. I had a siren on my bicycle that I rode around the neighborhood bandaging people up, even if they didn’t need it,  which was ironic because my father was a mortician. 


His father was a mortician. Hmm. It was a family business. I was the oldest boy. I was supposed to be a mortician. Hmm.  And then instead I went into medicine.  So according to my father, I went to the dark side. 


In fact, one day my dad put his arm around me because I received an award from the United States Congress for bringing a man back from the dead at the Rose Bowl, and put his arm around me and said son, your mother and I are so proud of you for all the lives you’ve saved, but son, You’re bad for business. You know, that’s the best compliment you could ever give me.


In fact, when my dad was still alive, I used to tell people, Oh, I still work for my dad. The Undertaker? Yeah. On a commission basis. Yeah, I lost a patient last week, but I made a hundred bucks. So it all worked out.  Obviously, just kidding. Just kidding. But I always had an interest in medicine. Always had an interest in the sciences.


My grandfather was a famous research chemist.  And so when I went to college, oh, and my mother was a professional musician.  Instruments, beautiful voice, perfect pitch. So I played piano, guitar, and trumpet growing up. I’ve been living and playing the piano. She’d be in the kitchen, Bob. I should have been a C sharp,  never get away with it.


So, and I love music. So I actually started as a double major in music and physics. And I found out when I got there that that’s a six year program full time  because you start from day one in both of those majors, right? A lot of majors just do two years of background stuff. And then your last two years on your major both start and they both have afternoon labs at the same time. 


So I had to make a decision that first week  what I was going to get a degree in.  Excuse me. And my mom was very supportive. My dad is very supportive.  And she said, you know, the great thing about music is. You can always do your music. You don’t have to do it professionally. You can always find opportunities to play with a physics degree.


You’ll never have to worry about a job, but if you want to go full time in music, we will obviously support that. So I got the physics degree  and then I graduated with distinction in nuclear physics, which is like a mini PhD that they had as part of the program. And I, when I was there, I found out about the field of medical physics, which in general is applications of physics to medicine.


The MRI scanner, that’s magnets, that’s physics,  blood flow,  that’s, part of that is physics. But the biggest source were the uses of radiation in medicine, so diagnostic like nuclear medicine and then treatment in terms of cancer therapy.  And I was only one of three people accepted into a doctoral program at Harvard.


I turned them down.  So as a look at my mom, like what you did, what? Mainly cause they were really focused on research. So after you got your doctorate, they wanted to go into research, which is great. We need that. But I’m a people person. I wanted to treat people with cancer.  So I went to another very famous medical school.


I can’t tell you which one it is right now. And I discovered that the sad part of medicine, in my judgment,  and that it was profit driven. Now, I understand you have to recoup your expenses, you have to pay for things, right?  Well, here’s a good example. So, I was part of a research team that made one of the biggest breakthroughs, I think, ever in cancer therapy, and that’s the hyperthermia  effect. 


So, we discovered if you increase the temperature of cancer cells, you make them weaker.  So just heat up the body for a treatment and you would use less of it.  Unfortunately, it got suppressed.  And later I discovered that, well, mainly because it was cutting in on profits, you know, less chemo, less radiation, that’s less profit.


It’s the business of medicine. It’s not healthcare, Bob. And other things when I was there, very, very frustrating. And I realized that I couldn’t do this as a career.  And even though I was there for seven years.  Total of 11 years in school, even though I finished my internship, I walked away from the field. 


Because I got into medicine to help people.  And that’s why I went into emergency medicine. That’s when I found out about the Pasadena Fire Department’s program. Because we’re the best in the world for emergency medicine. Phenomenal. Just phenomenal.  Well, as I was, looking back, and even when I was there in the medical school program, I was always fascinated that the body has this inner healing mechanism, right?


So, like if you get a cold or a flu, you technically don’t need to take any over the counter medications. You need to take Advil and  NyQuil and all these things. Your body doesn’t need that to heal. That’s mainly for the symptoms. And your body, your immune system is phenomenal. Cancer cells pop up all the time, your immune system is healthy, it produces what it needs, takes care of it. 


And I said, well, why are we trying to prevent this from happening?  Right? If you know that and make your body hostile to cancer cells, then there’ll be fewer people actually developing tumors.  And that’s when that really struggled between helping people and preventative medicine versus.


Treating somebody and making profit. So, that part is needed. We need research and development. We need to be able to fund that. And it’s a balance I understand. And there are wonderful people in medicine that have great hearts. And a lot of them are confined. Right? This is the only thing you’re allowed to do in this box.


I call it medicine in a box. So, the other part of that that I discovered when I was there was that a lot of people that I was studying helping those who had cancer had severe emotional  trauma from the past.  And so that kind of both of those things, how does the body heal? What does the body do to make itself strong in terms of its immune system? 


How do our beliefs from the past, right? We come up with judgments like I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve to be healthy, all that kind of stuff. And that will really dictate life. So  I studied with a lot of people, studied with Tony Robbins. I studied with a woman who developed EMDR.  I was able to study with Gary Craig who invented EFT.


He actually perfected it in person probably over six years.  And I’m telling you  unbelievable results. Now the thing about EFT, there’s a lot of confusion. A lot of people make it very woo woo.  But it’s very scientific. It turns out, if you tap on a very specific spot where nerves come to the surface of the skin, that’s the key,  right?


When you tap on a nerve, it sends an electrical signal down the nerve. That’s pure science.  Well, it turns out that if there’s emotional trauma resulting from, let’s say you were hit by a car, you’re in a bad car crash, you were attacked, anything, it results in an electrical disturbance in the nervous system. 


So they’ll talk about cellular memory or the body stores it. That’s, it’s electrical, everything, the body, whole body works on electricity. So even chemistry, as you know, doc, is based on electricity. That’s why water. Has two hydrogens to one oxygen  because oxygen has a double electrical charge hydrogen has a single.


So it takes two to balance it.  So even chemistry is electrical,  but that electrical perturbation in the nervous system doesn’t show up in any scan,  but the brain knows exactly where it is.  And so as you tap on these very specific spots,  it’s sending an electrical signal to the nerve and if you’re focused on the trauma,  your brain knows where in the nervous system that is and will send those electrical signals being generated to that perturbation  and it will dissolve it. 


So that’s like if I’m working with somebody with a phobia many times in one treatment it disappears and never comes back  unless they get re-traumatized.  So in fact, here’s a good example. I was working with a gentleman who had a fear of dogs. I mean a massive fear of a dog jumping up on a car for even a little  yapper. 


And I asked, do you have any, you know, things from your past? No, nothing. I know of, and my sister’s getting married. I want to go there and be there, but she’s got a big dog and, and I don’t know what to do. And so we did some work.  And the great thing about EFT in particular is it’ll often bring up the root cause, the original cause of why they’re having this issue because sometimes they don’t know the memories will just bubble up  and I also get a lot of intuitive hits.


So I get an intuition and sometimes I’ll get it. It’ll come to me.  So I always say as we go along, let me know if something, if a memory pops up.. So we’re just tapping on his fear of dogs. Just close your eyes and think about a dog. And, you know,  just from that, like a 10 at nine out of nine or 10 out of 10.  And so as we’re tapping away, all of a sudden he goes, Oh, Oh, we got it. 


He says, when I was six years old,  I was riding my bicycle and I was being chased by this rabid dog foaming at the mouth, trying to bite my leg.  Scared me to death. Yeah. I go, well, of course you have a fear of dogs. You’re small. That dog, you know, compared to your size, I’m sure was, was huge to you, right?


And the sound and all that. So we went then, specifically, okay, just remember any aspect of it, we’ll just take one aspect at a time, just the vision of it, the sound of the dog barking,  , the thoughts that you might’ve had, oh, I’m going to die, or all these things.  And in one session,  he couldn’t get upset about it anymore. 


Closed his eyes. Remember when that dog was chasing you? Yeah, I remember it, but it’s not bothering me now. It’s, it’s not as happy, you know, he still had the, oh, sad that happened.  He went to see his sister. The dog ran towards him. She opened the door. And he’s Bob. I was perfectly calm.  And then my sister said, let’s go to the dog park. 


Oh no,  the dog park. He’s perfectly calm.  I saw him a couple of weeks ago  and he said, Bob has been three years.  He said,  it’s never come back. In fact, I have a dog. Now I have adopted a dog. Oh, wow. Isn’t that amazing? Yes. So another great example of how the brain often encapsulates the worst part of a trauma?  I had someone come, they were in a head on collision  and they’re having nightmares about the headlights. The only thing that was bothering them and they had nightmares about was the headlights coming at them. So we just started with what we have.  So we tap on that, he’s like an 8 out of 10, maybe a 10 out of 10, he’s just really freaked out. 


And literally in about six minutes, I just check in, you know, how’s it now?  Really for the headlights. Oh, the headlights are no big deal. Maybe a two.  Well, what’s the big deal? Oh, Bob, the sound of the crash.  You never said anything about the sound. I know it just popped up. So we worked on the sound of the crash. 


Again, by six, seven minutes, you know, okay. How are you now? I’m still at a 10! Wait, the sound of the crash. Oh, that’s a zero.  Well, it turns out the biggest, biggest deal was when he looked over and saw his best friend unconscious of the body.  So I like to think that the brain sometimes works like an onion where it puts layers on top of the worst part of the trauma so that we don’t go nuts. 


Right? And my understanding of dreams is to help process stuff, and if we, if the brain can’t process the stuff in the dreams, that’s when it becomes post traumatic stress disorder.


Well, and as you know, the body can’t heal when it’s under stress. 


That actually goes against the body’s healing process. The wonderful thing, one of the wonderful things about the EFT tapping is it triggers the autonomic nervous system, and just by tapping on the spots, it literally triggers the autonomic nervous system,  relax. And the beautiful thing is even if you don’t believe it works, it still works because it’s physical.


It’s actually just electrical things going on. So it’s a beautiful way. The other thing that I like to teach is the 4-5-6 breathing technique.  So we, one of the things I learned from Tony Robbins is there’s a set physiology to every emotional state.  So when you’re nervous, the same exact physiological response, stomach tightened up, stomach gases increase, you know, muscles increase, heart rate.


A touchdown and a goal scored. Yes, they open up. severe depression, they close down  effects depression. The physiology is head down, slumped shoulders, shallow breathing upper chest.  You have to be in that physiology to have that severe emotional distress.  And yet a lot of psychologists don’t know this. 


I went through a really tough time in my life and I’ve seen a psychologist, a very excellent guy.  And he didn’t know that. So guess what my physiology was. I was severely depressed. All I could see was the bad things in my life.  


Dr David Lemmon- While you’re talking about your problems, you’re in the physiology of your problems.


Bob Ross- Exactly. And, it was terribly ineffective, right? So if you just said, Bob, stand up, put your shoulders back, put your hands on your hips like Superman, anything, take some deep breaths that would have broken that physiology, which would have helped. In processing the stuff, and even in emergency medicine, when people see a person get hurt it triggers what we call tunnel vision and literally they, their body freezes and they hold their breath. 


That’s if that’s the physiology.  And in that scenario, you have tunnel vision. All you can see is straight ahead. You can’t see anything over here. You can go totally deaf. You can lose your sense of smell.  Yeah, you’re in incredible danger because you will want to rush in to help somebody, right? The only way to break that mental blockage.


Is physiology. That’s why you have to force yourself to take a breath and turn and look away from the patient.  That’s really hard, especially if it’s a family member, someone you know or love, but the best thing you could do is turn, look away. As soon as you do and take that breath, it breaks tunnel vision within seconds and you get everything back.


So  the four or five, six breathing,  I found, because even on myself, when I was stressed, I didn’t even notice it before then, but after that, working with Tony Robbins, I said, oh, look at that. I’m breathing shallow as all get out.  That’s when you’re under stress, it’s shallow breathing. So, if you just do the four, five, six, you breathe in for four,  hold it for five,  breathe out for six, does two things.


One, it makes your brain focus on keeping track of the four, five, six, right? So you can’t totally focus on the crazy making stuff.  And the other thing is it forces you to take in more oxygen to hold it longer, which means you’re going to absorb more of it and it increases your oxygen levels and lowers stress levels in like three minutes.


 So one more thing about EFT that is spectacular is it can actually work on medical issues.  So I was on set one day and a gal had severe menstrual cramps. She was actually taking medication for it. And for the first time ever, the medication didn’t help she’s on the floor, curled in a, in a ball, just.


Writhing in pain  and obviously she can’t take more of the medication  and I said, well, I’ve got a, you know, I’ve got a technique. It’s a little outside the box, you know, and she says anything, anything. So we did the tapping and she just focused on the pain.  Was it sharp, dull, right? One place, were there multiples?


Tapped on any thought she had? And what, because I just knew one of her big issues was she couldn’t work.  And she was the only person that could do her job. Right? So she was worried about that. And in about six minutes,  it all stopped.  Disappeared. I stopped an asthma attack on an Olympic athlete  whose inhaler didn’t work. 


I mean, it’s just mind blowing. So that is just accessing the pure placebo effect at that point.  Well, actually, I believe that in the same respect that it works for trauma, Your brain knows exactly why she was having that abdominal  problem, right? The menstrual problem. They knew exactly why the medication didn’t work.


Her brain understands all this. And so my understanding and belief is that just releasing the brain to do it.  So the same thing with muscle, it works on electricity. So for her muscles to do that,  her brain had to be sending electrical signals to make that clamp up, which means it can  have it relax.  Yeah. So again, it’s not woo woo.


People think, oh, it’s pretty woo woo if you think about it. Right. But there’s a good scientific base for it. In fact, I think a lot of things in life are very, like even nuclear physics, right? When I studied quantum physics, there’s a lot of things that are just hard to wrap your mind around, which is beautiful. 


Oh, and one more quick story. So I invented a technique that takes away headaches in about 30 seconds.  And I received an email for a moment as she asked him, does it work for migraines?  And I replied back, yes but you have to do it as soon as you start to get the symptoms because once the migraine sets in, then it’s really tough.


Now, EFT can actually work pretty well on migraines, turns out. And I asked her, I said, so why, you know, why are you having migraines? They don’t know, they can’t find anything physically wrong with me. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, right? My intuition popped up.  So, I emailed her the tapping spots, and I called her on the phone,  and again, we just tapped on what was present.


So, the pain, the light sensitivity, the nausea, right, she was experiencing that.  And then all of a sudden, I heard a voice in my head, 14, 14 Mary,  what happened when you were 14? And she started to bawl.  I’m sorry, I made you cry. What happened? She says, well, my mom got remarried and my step dad started abusing me.  Oh, Mary, I’m so sorry. Out of curiosity, Mary, when did your migraine start?  When I was 14. Oh.  And how did that play, how did that play into the abuse?


Oh. That’s what you wait for, that aha moment. She said, the only time he wouldn’t abuse me is when I had a migraine.  Mary, you were giving yourself migraines to protect you. The brain’s goal is to protect you.  I said, is he still even alive? No, he’s passed away.  But you still have migraines?


Yeah, Mary. I bet you get a migraine when you don’t feel safe.  I never put that together. So we stopped working on the migraine  and then went back to that abuse.  Now since that wasn’t a one time event, that often takes multiple, you know, sessions to, to break it.  The trauma went away. She remembered, but it wasn’t traumatic for her, no more post traumatic stress disorder, and migraines went away. 


Dr David Lemmon- So maybe we need to backtrack a little bit. If viewers aren’t familiar with what EFT is and what it means. So, Gary Craig in some of the videos that I’ve seen, Emotional Freedom Technique. So there’s tapping on specific acupuncture points or nerve points. And then there’s some eye movement incorporated and some humming, different sounds.


Do you incorporate all those things of the eye movement, and the humming every time, or can the just tapping work, or how do you customize it for each person? 


Bob Ross- So he was an engineer, which was great because he wanted to know what was really necessary. Did you have to tap on certain ones in certain orders for certain things?


Very, which would make it very complicated. And so he just experimented with just starting at the top and just working your way down. Do it every time. Now, the one thing that I add. is I tap the wrists together, grab the wrist, receive a nice deep breath through your nose,  and let it out, 


say “peace” at the very end. That’s the conclusion of each round, and there are only three rounds, you’ll feel massive, massive change. I did a YouTube training video if you’re able to put that link in the show notes at all so people can actually follow along. It’s like a three minute stress release. 


And they’ll, they’ll learn a lot just, just from that kind of teaching them the basics as well. So  he found that the eye movement and the counting and the humming wasn’t really necessary.  You could do it, but I don’t use that after him just, because we did, I did that at first with him.


And then when he’s pretty much said, you know, we could just tap on the spots and have the same results. Then I stopped doing it myself. And again, I have unbelievable results. One of the first things I do whenever someone asks me or tells me they have cancer, and I said, you need to find someone like Dr. Lemmon,  who is a naturopath.  He focuses, the main focus is to help the body heal. Now, sometimes you have to do outside things. Right? Good example in emergency medicine, there’s prescription meds that will drop a blood pressure quickly, prevent a stroke from happening. Awesome.  We wanted to find why they’re having that blood pressure and reverse that.


That’s the key to match, that’s the key to success.  And that’s why tapping and resolving these emotional issues is important for anyone with first off in general quality of life, but especially anyone suffering a medical problem. And I think especially for cancer,  because if that’s not resolved.


Then it’s going to be very hard for your body to actually heal you.  A classic example I like to use is let’s say you moved into a new apartment,  and unbeknownst to you, there was radioactive cobalt under the floor in your bedroom.  Now you’re getting radiation exposure, and you develop cancer.  So you go and you get treatment.


They get rid of the cancer, right? But you still have the radioactive cobalt. You still have the cause there. Guess what’s going to happen again? You’re going to get cancer again.  Right. So you, you have to deal with, with the cause as part of the whole, and I love that you have the seven, you know, the seven principles of healing because all of those are, are very important.


Dr David Lemmon- So, one question I’ve had about EFT for a long time is, so EFT is often used to, you have a negative trauma and you’re lessening the traumatic effect of that emotional trauma. Can you use EFT and tapping to install a positive belief?


Bob Ross- Ssshhh, Yes you can.


Now, going back to the first thing you said, it’s the only therapy that I know of that you can actually focus on what’s negative. So one of the challenges with talk therapy is what do you do? You talk about the negative. You’re reinforcing it in many cases. And now there’s some great benefits to talking to somebody that’s a good listener.


You can get things out initially, but if you’re rehashing, rehashing, reliving the memory, they just, you know, can grind it in.  So but the way this EFT works is by focusing on what’s negative, your brain now knows exactly where that disturbance is in your nervous system. So it’s actually a good thing. 


And they actually had two psychologists that got trained in, in the EFT. And they both knew that it was bunk. That was just snake oil salesman stuff. Wouldn’t work.  So he had them tap on each other. Do you have any issues you’re still working on? Oh, everybody does. Yeah. Okay. So you tap on each other. You both know it’s not going to work. 


So there can’t be any placebo effect here, right? You know, it’s not going to work. And it worked on both of them.  That’s so powerful. And you’re right, tapping before you study can be very powerful,  right? You’ll actually absorb the material better. Tapping before a test, you’ll calm yourself. You’ll be able to think better during the test. Yeah, it’s  amazing. 


Dr David Lemmon- So while repeating a positive affirmation you believe that can help install that affirmation more effectively? 


Bob Ross- Yes. And I, that’s one of the things I was fascinated with because I discovered that I was sabotaging my success.  I would have wonderful things just laid in my lap and I would do something to mess it up.


Not on purpose. I go, what in the world? Even my friends like, what in the world? I go, I don’t know. I don’t know. Well, it turns out I had a fear of success.  I had a fear that if I was successful, that people would criticize me and that they’d think bad of me. Who knows where all that came from, early childhood, that’s where it came from, right?


Stuff that,  yeah all that. So I could not experience a breakthrough  without dealing with that.  And that’s when I developed my, I call it the hidden secret brain technique.  So I found out how the subconscious mind works, so your conscious mind is like a filter.  So, that’s why affirmations don’t work very well by themselves.


Because if I say, I’m successful, and yet I have a belief that I don’t want to be successful, that’s not safe to be successful, that’s really what the belief was. It’s not safe to be successful, right? So your conscious mind compares what you’re saying, or what’s being told to you, to what you believe.  And in my case, I believe that it was safe to be successful, and that’s why I would sabotage. 


Subconsciously with sabotage and not be aware of it.  That’s why it’s so challenging sometimes. So again, I come from a long line of inventors. My grandfather is a famous research chemist who developed an alternative for chlorine. I think there are 150 patents in my family line.  And so I got this idea and I pursued it in a way to get to the subconscious mind, put it in a certain state.


The brain has a certain language that they have to use both in terms of words. And time frame, like for instance, your conscious mind knows time. It knows the past, present, and future. In the future. Your subconscious mind does not know time. All it knows is right now.  In fact, that’s why Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, was even bigger than he thought. 


So that was his focus, his focus on the now. Are you safe right now at this second?  Oh, no, there’s that over there, but right now. Just become present, become present. A lot of the meditation concept is to be present, be present. So, I found this combination that would actually allow you to release those subconscious beliefs and then replace them with beliefs, new beliefs,  that would empower you.


So, for instance, the opposite of not feeling safe to be successful is actually feeling safe while successful,  generous while successful, helping people while successful. The more successful you are, the more people you can help. Now, if that’s the belief, And I’m not fighting, you know, opportunities to come in, including being on this, in this podcast. 


So, and with great results, I mean, just  unbelievable stuff. I have changes in my life that were just stunning.  And then all of a sudden it hit me, wait a minute.  I wonder if I could use my brain technique  for healing the body.  And that’s when I started really digging into the placebo effect. Now when I was at the medical school program they did not like the placebo effect. 


Right? So, in the placebo effect, they give a sugar pill,  and they give the real drug, but you have no idea which one you’re getting. Even the people giving the drugs don’t know which is which. Right? So, there’s no influence. And what they found was a percentage of people that got the sugar pill had the benefit of the drug. 


It actually cured their issue, but they weren’t given anything.  If they were told about the side effects, they’d have the side effects, but they weren’t given anything.  That’s the ability of the mind.  And so, I, I literally asked, well, my professors, why don’t we use that?  Oh, we can’t patent that, Bob. You can’t make any money.


But I  walked away, right? So yeah the examples are just amazing. Well, here’s a good one. So a man had severe multiple personality disorder.  One of his personalities, say James had full blown type one diabetes. His pancreas didn’t work at all.  Another one of his personalities say Jimmy had a fully functioning pancreas, no diabetes. 


Wow. So is there anything wrong with his pancreas? No. So what was turning it on and off?  His mind.  That’s how powerful. And I said, well, what if we could actually release the placebo effect on purpose?  So and there’s so many examples. Two test results got mixed up. One person has six weeks to live.


The other would be fine if they changed their diet. They told the guy who’s going to be fine. You’ve got six weeks to live. And he was dead in six weeks.  but there was nothing wrong with him. But that’s, again, the negative power of the placebo. They call it the nocebo effect, basically, right? Harvard medical students were given uppers, but told they were given sedatives, and their body would react as they were given a sedative, even though they were given a stimulant. 


And these are Harvard medical students, so it’s not like they’re like, yeah, I believe anything.  Just amazing stuff. And they found that depending on who gave you the pill in these drug trials is how much the placebo effect Would work. So if it’s given by lab tech, it’d be like 20 percent of the people.


It was given by a nurse, 25 percent by a doctor, 30 percent if the doctor was wearing a white lab coat, 35 percent the highest placebo response because they be this doctor is giving me this.  And I wish we use that more in medicine, right? We’re doing it in emergency medicine for sure. We encourage the patient.


You’ve got to fight to come back. Come on, you can do it. You can do it. If you had an infection and the doc gave you an antibiotic. If they said, you know, this is the best antibiotic on the planet for exactly what you have, it would work better,  but it’s the same chemicals.  And we’re not using that in medicine.


I’m sure you use it in medicine.  It’s phenomenal. 


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah, it’s become the enemy , in medical research where they’re trying to rule out the placebo effect, and Andrew Weil talked about that a lot in the 80s and 90s of, why are they trying to rule out the placebo effect and we need to try to rule in the placebo effect. So it’s yeah, it’s an amazing backwards way of thinking in the scientific study establishment right now. 


Bob Ross- Yes. And one of my big breakthroughs was I was born and raised in a wonderful Christian family. I’m in a true Christian family,love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness. Kids would flock to our house, you know.


To me, that was normal, right?  And I never understood as a kid why God talked about the importance of us having faith. And even Jesus said, well, your faith has made you well. Excuse me, time out, time out. Why does God need our faith? This guy’s going oh man, if only Bobby would believe, I could pull this off.


I can’t do it without him.That never made sense. No one could ever answer it and all of a sudden I got it. Hmm.  You know what the placebo effect is?  It’s faith. Faith. The people that get it have the faith that this is going to help them.  And so what I, what the insight that I got was, so God has already put into us that miraculous healing ability and faith releases it.


So it’s almost like the healing ability is in a pipe, a water pipe and there’s a faucet. And faith turns on the faucet to let it flow.  So in modifying my brain technique, I think I discovered a way to help release that on purpose because, you know, having faith can be difficult, especially when you’re in the midst of… stuff.  


Dr David Lemmon- So in your testing and experiences, is the brain technique that you developed even more powerful than EFT? or is it more simple than EFT, or what’s the benefit there? 


Bob Ross- So what I will do is I will combine the two.  So the EFT well, we can use that to deal with the traumas and so forth.


And then it’s great to prep somebody before the brain technique. You know, because it puts you in that relaxed state, and then my brain technique really drops you into that relaxed state.  So it’s that combination that does it, and again, in the brain technique, now you’re You’re, you’re reversing the concept of, of, I don’t deserve to be healed, whatever.


I just got a flash. So a friend of mine had cancer  and I shared with him, you know, things to do. And he was sabotaging at every turn,  the exact opposite of what he should do.  Well, it turns out when he was a kid, he was in a very, very hostile, abusive family.  And when he got cancer, he got more love and attention than he had in his entire life. 


He didn’t want to get healed. He wanted to get healed consciously, but subconsciously,  no, this is wonderful. And he died. 


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah. It’s amazing the power that the subconscious life force has. 

Bob Ross- Absolutely. Absolutely. So I’ve, I, as you can tell, I’m very excited about the possibilities. Hope I don’t have to start wearing disguises pretty soon.  People suddenly are getting healed right and left. How dare you? How dare you?  


Dr David Lemmon- Don’t want to go to jail…


Bob Ross- That’s right. Now, I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier, but the breakthrough about the hyperthermia effect, you know, the body before treatment. If you go anywhere in the world where it’s not for profit, like Germany, East Asia, or cancer clinics in Mexico, the first thing they do is heat your body up. 


So, again, if you make your cancer cells weaker, it’s easier even for the immune system to take care of it.  And, also the viruses have the same hyperthermia effect. So, if a virus is heated  It makes it weaker, which is exactly why our bodies give us a fever.  And yet, we’re told, if you call, they won’t call you, and you won’t say this, but somebody else, right?


A regular MD, Hey doc, I got a temperature of 101. Well, take some Advil, take some Tylenol, take aspirin, cut the fever.  Well, why wouldn’t I want to do that? It actually goes against making it easier for the immune system to heal.  


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah, it’s been a massive misunderstanding in the American medical system that they think the fever is part of the one of the symptoms or part of the disease when it’s really part of the cure and the body’s creating that fever on purpose to improve your immune system and to weaken the viruses and bacteria. And for some reason it’s gone in one ear, and out the other. And, and that kind of causes a lot of problems when you suppress those symptoms and suppress the fever. So you can’t, can’t get that full healing out of the body if you don’t let it turn into a fever.


Bob Ross- Is it okay, if I say, I love you, man!  


Dr David Lemmon- Yes, sir. 


Bob Ross- Yes.Oh, I love it. I love it. Love it, love it. 


Dr David Lemmon- So do you have the video explaining your brain technique in the webinar?


Bob Ross- So I have two main websites. One is the hidden secret to emotional healing,  and that’s using the EFT and the brain technique to resolve traumas post-traumatic stress disorder.


A lot of that can be done just with EFT. It’s phenomenal and I’ve learned so much. Great. With intuition, I’ll get intuition to go a route. That doesn’t make any sense in terms of working with someone, right? So thehiddensecrettoemotionalhealing.com.  And then for healing the body is thehiddensecrettohealing.com. So the same route. So the hidden secret to healing.com, the hidden secrets of healing. And then it talks about the brain technique. Yes. So there’s a 45 minute free masterclass. Talks to you about how to keep your body hostile to cancer cells, what to do if you have it, my brain technique, my, just some of my discoveries and yeah, very exciting. 


Dr David Lemmon- That’s amazing. Did you go into the detail in your studies and the PhD program with heat shock proteins and all  the technical in-and-outs of how hyperthermia worked? 


Bob Ross- No, mainly because it got suppressed. Okay. and we didn’t do any more work on it. And it’s only later that research started up, like in Germany, they’re phenomenal with this where the actual mechanisms of what’s going on take place.


And I do in the course that I have. So part of the coaching program. There’s an online course to learn my brain technique. There are resources, there are guided audios, you just push play and it guides you through the process, you know, just pick whatever you have. And then in the resource section are things like actually how the hyperthermia effect works, scientific journals showing, You know, that it’s actually been proven that we were correct and it’s used around the world and so forth.


Dr David Lemmon- Yeah. Do you have any experience of whether full body hyperthermia and a sauna is better? Or if you have the tent where you’re just, your body is in the sauna, but your head is out, is that the same effect on the cancer? 


Bob Ross- So my, in my judgment, in my experience. Infrared is the most phenomenal way, rather than a regular sauna, infrared because it goes deeper and it’s okay if your head is out. Because they have those right where it’s infrared sauna, but your head is out because your, your body, all that skin is getting the infrared and going in


Dr David Lemmon- Unless potentially it’s a brain tumor. And then you might want to do the whole body.  So, what other words of wisdom do you have for people that are struggling with cancer or caregiving someone with cancer? What hope can you give them right now?  


Bob Ross- So, I was under the impression when I was at the medical school program  that  cancer cells were almost like a foreign invader, right? Aliens from another planet.


And that’s why you had to cut them out. You had to blast them with radiation. You had to poison them with chemo as opposed to cancer cells that are our own cells, and that have gone rogue, so to speak, right? They start multiplying without stopping. They have an unbelievable appetite for sugar, right?


That’s a lot of people waste away because it literally will steal glucose from the rest of the body to satisfy the needs of the cancer.  So, first off, since that’s a natural process and the body can heal itself when cancer cells pop up, if the immune system is strong, do everything you can to keep the immune system strong.


Vitamin D, as you know, D3 with K2 is wonderful. Vitamin C and I talk a little bit about this in, you know, in the webinar. Change the attitude of, it’s not a war on your cancer.  That’s whatever for your body to heal is relaxation. I’m so thankful and grateful my body has the ability to heal.  And one of the most powerful things  is, I call it even though I choose. 


So, because these thoughts come in, oh, I’m not going to make it. There’s no hope for me.  Well, you acknowledge it.  Even though  I think that I’m not going to make it. That could satisfy your conscious mind so it knows you’re paying attention, right? Even though I think I’m not going to make it. I choose to believe my body is a self healing miracle, and I’m healing right now. 


Da ba ba da da! Even though I had this thought that I’m not worth it, I choose to believe. That simple thing, even in the state we’re in right now in our brains, frequency is pretty fast, right? But you get in the meditator state, get down to alpha, especially into theta, which my brain technique does actually gets into theta. 


Powerful. Powerful. So I love good nutrition, seeing an expert like you is huge. Don’t try to do it on your own in terms of detoxing the stuff that’s in your body and getting your body healthy. Go to a, you know, a medical professional that actually knows about the body healing,


Dr David Lemmon- Bob, It’s been an amazing conversation and we’re excited to share all these links in the notes of the webinars and the examples. Awesome explanations. So we’ll have those websites in the show notes for them and you’ve already mentioned those websites  and it’s just an exciting journey and an amazing conversation to share all these insights with you and thank you so much for your time today.


Bob Ross- Absolutely. And a blessing on your practice. 


Dr David Lemmon-Thank you so much. Have a beautiful day. 


Bob Ross- Thank you. Bye bye.