Convenient Telemedicine Appointments

Naturopathic Telemedicine– Natural Medicine is now available nationwide through convenient telemedicine Zoom appointments. If you are tired of the old medical treadmill of drugs, and side effects, and short appointments, you now have options.


 While Naturopathic Medicine is growing rapidly throughout the country, there are dozens of states where Naturopaths are rare and hard to access. Just a few years ago, you would often have to drive for hours, or even cross state lines to visit a Naturopathic Physician. Now that technology has advanced to make video calls commonplace, you can make an appointment to see Dr Lemmon from the comfort of your own home on Zoom. As a Telemedicine Naturopath Specialist, Dr Lemmon will  provide you with custom treatment plans to increase your level of health.


If you are dealing with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or even cancer, Dr Lemmon can support your health through safe, natural, and powerful interventions. On your healing path, you will find answers to frustrating health problems, avoid side effects, increase joy, and even live longer with health and energy.